[starttext]Концерт группы Double Whisky, клуб Ниагара.
Ремейк песни Дика Дэйла "Мисирлоу".[endtext]

Double Whisky : Misirlou

[starttext]Making this made me realise that I suck at holding a tone. ugh, so many of these stupid notes were out of tune, so I had to "fix" some with software.. (those are the computer/autotune sounding ones) I know it's cheating... but *most* of the audio is untouched.... really!!!

I love this song... well.. I did.. haha I'm a bit sick of it now ;) [endtext]

Cully:Misirlou Video Song using only my mouth

[starttext]Extrait du spectacle Carnet de notes d'Odyssée ensemble & cie enregistré lors du festival OFF d'Avignon au Big Bang Théâtre[endtext]

Odyssée ensemble & cie: Misirlou

@ Ala Moana, 2009
Taimane and Brent play at Centerstage Ala Moana for the Fourth of July[endtext]

Taimane: Miserlou, Wipeout