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[starttext]En Miá Nikti with Fide Köksal
26.07.2010 Gialiskari
"En Miá Nikti " is an ensemble that was created in mid 2009, from the need of its members to communicate and enhance their musical sounds and stimuli, using the palette of both the special timbres and features of an arrangement based on the mandolin.
The repertoire of the ensemble is a journey through the traditional and the more modern musical idioms of Greece and the Mediterranean region.
Songs in ethnic style music written for film and known melodies by jazz composers are the backbone of the ensemble's repertoire.

Fide Köksal was born in Smyrna. She studied Political Science and International Relations at the Marmara University in Istanbul, while she attended the College of Arts and Music at the University of Istanbul. She has also attended the tango dance classes of Tanju Yildirim.
She participated with enormous success as an actress in the Greek television series "Bloody Soil" and she has collaborated with legendary singer George Dalaras in the recordings of the soundtrack of the series.
She became known performing two songs by Vassilis Dimitriou with lyrics written by herself. Since then she has appeared numerous times on Greek television and in concerts around Greece.
She masters a wide range of repertoire from Musical, Jazz, English, Turkish and Greek pop, and contemporary / traditional Greek and Turkish songs.

The ensemble consists of the following musicians:
Mandolin: Yiannis Rizos & Dimitris Rizos
Guitar: Doreen Laskaridou
Cello Stavros Parginos
Piano - orchestrations Theo D Reglis

The skill and sensitivity of saz playing and the voice Cihan Turkoglou, meets the colorful sound of the drums of Solis Barki and leads to a mystical journey into the secrets of Turkish traditional and art music, through songs, instrumental compositions and improvisations.
The two musicians create a magical landscape, full of sounds, tense & subtle moments with numeral sonic surprises, sinking deep into the heart of music itself.
Cihan Turkoglou: saz, voice
Solis Barki: Frame drums, udu, Cajon, berimbaw, bells, water drums, shakers, spring drum, singing bowl, kalimba and more..[endtext]

Φεστιβάλ Ικαρίας 2010 :Fide Köksal & "Εν μιά νυκτί" : Mizirlou