[starttext]Gibson Pearl performs "Miserlou" at the Breakthrough Fusion Gala Show in San Francisco, CA in January 2009. For more info please go to: http://www.gibsonpearl.com

Gibson Pearl's unique fusion bellydance roots from her extensive background in tribal fusion, as well as the influence of both traditional folkloric and contemporary modern dance.

A natural athlete, Gibson began her dance studies in 2000 with Ultra Gypsy director Jill Parker and joined the company in 2001. There she served as a choreographer, principal dancer, and frequent substitute teacher for Jill's classes until '06.

Other styles studied by Gibson include Turkish Rom with Elizabeth Strong, Tunisian folkloric with Malia DeFelice, and cabaret with Ansuya.

Most recently Gibson was an original member of Damage Control Dance Theater, where she also acted as Assistant Director. She is currently performing as a soloist as well as collaborating with other artists.[endtext]

Gibson Pearl performs "Miserlou"


Paolo De Paoli : Accordion Miserlou

[starttext]Lost Sanity at Limassols annual band festival 'LEMESIA 2008' performing Misirlou[endtext]
[starttext]Ravel Concert at Scenic Vista - 13 Sept 2008[endtext]

David & Topher : Miserloo -