[starttext]The Sound Waves specializes in the unique "surf" sound of the 60's made famous by such artists as Dick Dale, The Bel-Aires, Chantays, Eddie and the Showmen, Ventures and many others. Their sound is true to form and pays tribute to these greats. In addition to instrumentals, Sound Waves has a large vocal repertoire from the era as well.

"The SoundWaves" pay tribute to the great instrumental surf bands of the 60's. The original SoundWaves' core members were all members of various surf bands in their high school days in the early to mid-sixties. 40 years later the surf music scene was still thriving in Southern California as well as the rest of the world and the SoundWaves formed originally to play at their high school class's 40th reunion. In March of 2005, the SoundWaves won the annual "Taste of the Bands" at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro placing first out of twelve bands competing and earning top spot at the Taste in San Pedro festival in August of that year. The members of Sound Waves have played professionally in one form or another since their high school days as well.

In addition to surf instrumentals, the SoundWaves offer a wide range of 50's 60's vocals to their extensive repertoire. They're favorite venues are surf related events, high school reunions and charity events.

In order to recreate the authentic sound of the era, Sound Waves uses mostly vintage Fender guitars and amplifiers from the 60's which are identical to the equipment originally used by musicians of the day.


The Sound Waves - Miserlou

[starttext]The Neamatoads performing Miserlou at the Austin Pagan Festival. Oct. 4, 2008[endtext]

Nematoads: Misirlou

[starttext]At The Hickory House in Aspen, CO
Matan Chapnizka - Tenor Saxophone
Nadav Remez - Guitar
Haggai Cohen Milo - Bass
Itamar Doari - Percussion [endtext]

Secret Music Project - Miserlou

[starttext]Sep. 6, 2008 — Eastwood Central Plaza[endtext]

Tango Bitoy -Miserlou

[starttext]18 Μάι 2006 — Vladimir Rusinov plays Psycodelic Miserlou Improvisation[endtext]

Vladimir Rusinov-Miserlou

[starttext]The Fiddlercrabs with guest trumpet section perform Miserlou during Rock Your Art Out at Sozo in State College, PA[endtext]

The Fiddlercrabs - Miserlou

[starttext]The first track in a series of uplifting rebetiko club tunes
Misirlou 2009 by Tataris & Pavlos Tsavdaridis ft. Michalis Patrinos.

Tataris & Pavlos Tsavdaridis: Misirlou 2009

[starttext]In this video a rocking edge is put on the violin as electric strings jam with the Blackeyed Peas (song: Pump It)

quote: "After jumping into Rock music, I thought I would attempt to write a Hip Hop piece. So here, to the tunes of the Black Eyed Peas, you've got your very own Hip Hop Violinist/ crappy dancer. I am aware that my dancing is an eyesore; however, my goal was not to wow or impress, but always...to entertain. Enjoy!"[endtext]

Lindsey - Hip Hop Violin on Pumb It / Misirlou

Πλήκτρα : Γεράσιμος
Ηλ. Κιθάρα : Σπύρος[endtext]

Η Μισιρλού του Έφηβου

[starttext]Αυτοσχεδιασμοί με διάφορα όργανα (σιτάρ, φλάουτο, κρουστά, βιολί, κλπ) πάνω στην 'Μισιρλού'. Απόσπασμα από το αυτοσχέδιο πανηγύρι που στήθηκε στο εκκλησάκι του Αϊ-Γιάννη πάνω από την ομώνυμη παραλία στην Γαύδο στις 29/8/2009.[endtext]

Αυτοσχέδιο Πανηγύρι Αϊ-Γιάννη Γαύδος 2009 - "Μισιρλού"

[starttext]Greek singer Marinela performing Misirlou at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus(1999)Μαρινέλα, Live στο Ηρώδειο (1999) «Με βάρκα το τραγούδι»[endtext]


[starttext]The winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2009,Alexander Rybak, performing Misirlou[endtext]

Alexander Rybak Misirlou

[starttext]Greek singer Nina Lotsari performing on tv-show "Stin Ygeia mas" [endtext]

Nina Lotsari- Misirlou

[starttext]La Caravane Passe à la Flèche d'Or ! [endtext]

La Caravane Passe - Misirlou/Bush Bush

[starttext]Famous "Misirlou" is an old greek rebetiko song....this is the original version from Mike Patrinos from 1930. The word Misirli in turkish means girl from Egypt. The song refers to a cross-faith, cross-race, relationship, a risqué subject at its time. Enjoy!!![endtext]

Μιχάλης Πατρινός - Μουσουρλού / MISIRLOU (Original, 1930)

[starttext]Τέτος Δημητριάδης - Tetos Dimitriades (ηχογρ./recorded 1927 στη Νέα Υόρκη/in New York)[endtext]

The original Misirlou - Μισιρλού (Τέτος Δημητριάδης -1927)

[starttext]Nikos Tatassopoulos, Dimitris Mystakidis, Maria Koti on stage of "1000+2 Nights" at Psirri, Athens, on June 19 2009. Enjoy...[endtext]

Tatassopoulos, Mystakidis, Koti: Misirlou

[starttext]Live At A38 Boat, Budapest. A great performance!) [endtext]


[starttext]Melech Mechaya-Miserlou-Live at Lisbon, May 19th 2007[endtext]

Melech Mechaya - Miserlou

[starttext]The Deep Blue Orchestra's version of the classic "Misirlou"

Sometimes you have to change in order to preserve what's good from the past. A reinvention of tradition orchestra.[endtext]

The Deep Blue Orchestra "Misirlou"

[starttext]Pepsi's great tv commercial featuring surfers and soccer players like David Beckham fighting over the beach and Pepsi cola.we hear the old greek version (by greek singer Danae) and the Dick Dale's surf version of the Misirlou tune.[endtext]

Pepsi surfer vs. soccer tv ad

[starttext] [endtext]

Dick Dale - Nissan Commercial -Misirlou

[starttext] Magges performing live at CBGB Gallery on Sep 8 2006. The song, famously covered by Dick Dale in the 60's, is over 75 years old. [endtext]

Magges - Miserlou

[starttext] Pete Hutton & The Beyonders featuring Cem Baykara on guitar performing Dick Dale's "Miserlou" live at the Music Palace in october 2007.[endtext]

Pete Hutton & The Beyonders performing "Miserlou"

[starttext] Bombshell Betty and her Burlesqueteers doing "Miserlou" at Bombshell Betty's dance studio in SF CA on Feb 2oth 2008 [endtext]

Bombshell Betty and her Burlesqueteers doing "Miserlou"

[starttext] Dick Dale on the Late Show - early 90's .
They mounted a camera on the guitar, facing up the neck which gives some amazing footage. [endtext]

Dick Dick Dale - Miserlou with camera mounted on the guitar.

[starttext]Live on tape from the Orange Ca. Street fair 9-1-2007.

The Lively Ones are a famous classic surf band and regarded by many as the best Classic Surf Band of the classic surf period who performs once or twice a year. Three of the original members still work in this group; Jim Masoner, Tim Fitzpatrick, and Joel Willenbring. John Benton and Tracy Sands are also members of the band. Jim Masoner is regarded, by most surf musicians and fans, as one of the very top surf guitar players from the classic surf period. [endtext]

The Lively Ones - Miserlou

[starttext]Korla Pandit in 1951, performing "Miserlou" for Snader Telescriptions. [endtext]

Korla Pandit - Miserlou

[starttext] A cut from the movie "Taxi" involving a hair-raising scooter chase through europe. [endtext]

Taxi- Scooter Scene - Misirlou

[starttext] The opening scene from the film Pulp Fiction staring Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer. [endtext]

Pulp Fiction - Diner Opening Scene - Misirlou

[starttext]Arabian nights belly music on mouth organ harmonica[endtext]

ASHOK BHANDARI: Misirlou with harmonica

[starttext] The Dead Rocks plays Misirlou (Dick Dale Cover). Great classic of surf-music @ Bananada 2006 [endtext]

The Dead Rocks - Misirlou

[starttext] This is a performance from Ann Arbor, Michigan on September 8, 2007. Jessica performed with the Greek band, Ellas Band, at the Unveiled Bellydance show featuring Karim Nagi. [endtext]

Jessica bellydancing to Misirlou

[starttext] greek garage band 'the sound explosion' playing the famous greek song misrlou at thessaloniki(2006)[endtext]

The sound explosion-misirlou

[starttext]The Last Drive - Misirlou - LIVE @ 14ο Αντιρατσιστικό Φεστιβάλ στο Πάρκο Ειρήνης στο Ρέντη, στις 3 Ιουλίου 2009.
Οι Last Drive είναι ελληνικό μουσικό συγκρότημα απ' την Αθήνα. Σχηματίστηκαν στην Αθήνα το 1983 σαν γκαράζ πανκ μπάντα και στη δεκαετία του '90 στράφηκαν σε έναν πιο σκληρό ήχο. Θεωρούνται το σημαντικότερο ελληνικό ροκ συγκρότημα της δεκαετίας του '80 κι ένα απ' τα σημαντικότερα της ελληνικής ροκ ιστορίας.
Μέλη * Αλέξης Καλοφωλιάς (Alex K.) - Μπάσσο, φωνή * Γιώργος Καρανικόλας (B.George Bop) - Κιθάρα, φωνή * Χρήστος Μιχαλάτος (Chris B.I.) - Τύμπανα * Θάνος Αμοργινός (T.H. Lime) - Κιθάρα (1990-) * Πάνος Κασιάρης (P.PEP) - Κιθάρα (1987-1990) * Νίκος Καπετανόπουλος (Nick "Pop Mind") - Κιθάρα (1984-1987) [endtext]

Last Drive - Misirlou

[starttext] Ο Γ. Μωραΐτης και το Cafe Aman σε Jam session (δηλ. σε ομαδικό αυτοσχεδιασμό) από την υπέροχη εκπομπή "Ονείρου Ελλάς"... [endtext]

Ο Γ. Μωραΐτης και το Cafe Aman- Misirlou jam

[starttext] Here is an extract of another ultra-rare record, "East of the Sun", by the "Armenian Yma Sumac", Anita Darian.
Anita Darian has been a serious working singer for nearly 50 years. She's worked in everything from opera and classical recitals to television jingles and cartoon voice-overs. She has a classically-trained voice with a four-octave range, which has enabled her to take on some remarkable jobs over the years. She sang on a number of albums of Broadway musicals, including "The King and I" and "Show Boat" for Columbia Records. She sang and played the kazoo at a performance of Mark Bucci's "Kazoo Concerto" at one of Leonard Bernstein's famous Young Peoples' concerts with the New York Philharmonic, which later earned her a part in the recording of John Corigliano's eccentric take-off, titled "The Naked Carmen", on the original Bizet opera. And hundreds of millions of listeners have heard her demonstrate her vocal range without knowing it, because she provided the swooping counter-melody behind the tenor lead on the Tokens' #1 hit, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", a cover of a South African song written by Solomon Linda.
"East of the Sun", recorded in 1960 with Frank Hunter handling the arrangements, is a collection of genuine and ersatz Near/Middle Eastern songs such as "Misirlou" and "Gomen Nasir". It's a treat to hear the rare vocal version of "Misirlou", but Darian's style is operatic rather than exotic. She obviously had the capacity to go the Yma Sumac route, but she sticks to an approach more heard in recital halls than cocktail lounges. Darian is still performing today and was featured in a 2003 Cabaret Festival in New York City.
Enjoy! [endtext]

Anita Darian: Misirlou

[starttext] voreioi etairoi & jazz Utopia playing "Misirlou" at the 1st "Methana ethno-jazz festival" [endtext]

Voreioi Etairoi & jazz Utopia: Misirlou

[starttext] Here is another Surf Coasters Miserlou video. Shigeo Naka Rocks!![endtext]

The Surf Coasters - Misirlou

[starttext]The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (UOGB) is a musical ensemble featuring ukuleles in different registers and a bass ukulele [endtext]

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain :Misirlou

[starttext] Greek singer Giota Nega performing on tv-show "Stin Ygeia mas" [endtext]


[starttext] Anna Vissi - Misirlou (Preformed at Athens Olympics - 2004) [endtext]

Anna Vissi - Misirlou


[starttext] Taken from the film "A Swingin Affair" released in 1963. The band also performs another tune i the film but its not as good [endtext]

Dick Dale & The Del Tones "Misirlou" 1963