[starttext]Νιce version of the song, which hasn't faired that well in YouTube. I would had played it again today in my new Yamaha CPL 380 if I was in Thessaloniki![endtext]

Dimitrios M Kondis: Misirlou - solo piano

[starttext]I'm a guitarist, composer and producer, living in Rome. I'm busking on the piazzas of Rome, playing classical pieces, gypsy music and flamenco. These videos have been taken this summer by my friend Klaus (username: klaustrophobia1). I use a prerecorded backing track and play the solo parts over it. I hope you like it, feel free to comment. All job offers are welcome (teaching in Rome, gigs anywhere), see my contact details in the video, or use youtube.
This is a combination of two versions, the first, slower part is the way they actually play it in greek tavernas. The second part is more similar to Dick Dale's version, used in Pulp Fiction.[endtext]

Peter Zavarzin plays Misirlou in a piazza of Rome