[starttext]Live at the Bayerischer Hof-Munich 06.05.08[endtext]

Konnexion Balkon : Lela Vranjanka-Misirlou

[starttext]Live in Bruxelles 07.05.2010 [endtext]

Mark Lanegan : Miserlou

[starttext]Misirlou live at Mosciano's Teatre!Alex Ricci's band(alex ricci plays Dick Dale)[endtext]

Alex Ricci's Band plays Misirlou

[starttext]A Greek song about an Egyptian woman played on a Turkish instrument.[endtext]

Misirlou/ Μισιρλού on bağlama

[starttext]The Misirlou kiss is a little video we thought up while watching Pulp Fiction. Don't ever steal another man's kiss[endtext]

Misirlou Kiss

[starttext]Niko Eternal sings the original Greek lyrics to the surf rock track which opened the film Pulp Fiction. Hear more @ nikoeternal.com.[endtext]

Niko's Eternal Remix : Misirlou

[starttext]Jake and Bruce Shimabukuro perform "Misirlou" from the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack at the Okinawan Festival in Sept. 2000. (Waikiki, Hawaii)[endtext]

Jake and Bruce Shimabukuro: Misirlou

[starttext]Folq-World is een band bestaande uit 4 muzikanten uit Enkhuizen en omgeving, allen met een voorliefde voor volks- en wereldmuziek.
We spelen muziekgenres uit de volks- en wereldmuziek. Muziek die deels bijna vergeten is of bij slechts weinigen bekend. Muziek die echter wel voor een groot publiek toegankelijk is en uitermate geschikt is om op recepties, feesten en partijen gespeeld te worden. We brengen een grote verscheidenheid aan muzikale stijlen en ieder stuk straalt weer zijn eigen sfeer uit. Van vrolijke klezmer tot melancholische Argentijnse tango's, van Franse musettes tot Ierse drinkliedjes. Dit alles gespeeld op een veelheid van instrumenten. [endtext]

Folq-World: Misirlou

[starttext]Moscow surf-rock band Hula Hoop is playing in ruins interior
Denis Mikhailov - the artist
Denee - the cameraman[endtext]

Hula Hoop :Misirlou

[starttext]We play together since 2004. We play music for different tastes and ages from distinguished and ageless classics to really spirited rock, pop and metal music. We offer the listeners well-known and loved tunes in a new form never heard before. http://www.c-jam.eu[endtext]

Cello Quartet C-Jam : Misirlou

[starttext]Misirlou is originally an Athenian folk song, played by Dick Dale in the 50's and then used in "Pulp Fiction" and other things since then. Here it is a solo ukulele version arranged and played by Uke-aholic Colin R Tribe originator of Uniquelele and the VCM Uke Exams. Tabs and Music available from colinrtribe@btinternet.com[emdtext]

Solo ukulele: Misirlou

[starttext]"Have you seen the film ''Pulp Fiction'' with John Travolta ? The song was first performed by the Michalis Patrinos rebetiko band in Athens, Greece in 1927. As with almost all early rebetika songs (a style that originated with the Greek refugees from Turkey), the song's actual composer has never been identified, and its ownership rested with the band leader.The song was rearranged as a solo instrumental guitar piece by Dick Dale in 1962 and was used a a soundtrack in the Pulp Fiction movie.

This is my band's *Ixis Afixis' version.I had the camera right behind me but we had poor lighting so the quality is not the best.In this version we are using a Greek traditional instrument called 'bouzouki' played by Stelios Petrakis (www.youtube.com/steliospetrakismusic)[endtext]

Ixis Afixis: Misirlou

[starttext]Very cool video edited to the sounds of Misirlou, best known from Pulp Fiction.
This is entirely stopmotion. No digital compositing. The hard part was doing all the math to make the frames match the music. You can watch a higher quality version at www.russellsresume.com.[endtext]

Art of Motion: a stopmotion video edited to the sounds of Misirlou

[starttext]Live in Saxophone club[endtext]

B-Sea Surfers - Miserlou

[starttext]Futomomo Satisfaction plays Miserlou at Okinawa Onnnason Mix Bar Peace![endtext]

Futomomo Satisfaction Live at Okinawa Miserlou

[starttext]Valband" (Valery&Ex3) - исполнение Misirlou [endtext]

ValBand - Miserlou

[starttext]Voodoo Court at First Night 1999 (Railroad Square - Santa Rosa, California).[endtext]

The Claw -Miserlou

[starttext]Extra Special Guests Jennifer Burnes and Prairie Prince join Jim Thomas of the Mermen for this cover of Dick Dale's Miserlou. Recorded at The Independent in San Francisco at the release of IN GOD WE TRUST.[endtext]

Miserlou - Mermen - Independent - January 30, 2010

[starttext]Performed by the Gram Partisans at Little Mountain Neighbourhood House, Vancouver, BC Canada on February 15 2007.
- Bob Rosen- guitar and vocals
- Willian Hood- guitar and vocals
- Ted McNenny- lead guitar and dobro
- Annie Bailey- bass
- Alan Zisman- accordion
More: http://www.grampartisans.com[endtext]

The Gram Partisans -Miserlou

[starttext]Live at the Findhorn Dance Festival, 23 July 2008. Bill Henderson (accordion), Lucy Fredman (vocals), Andy Bettis (guitar) and Rory O'Connell (darabuka). With Ian McTier (bass).[endtext]

Misirlou performed by the Festival Band