The Sound Waves - Miserlou

[starttext]The Sound Waves specializes in the unique "surf" sound of the 60's made famous by such artists as Dick Dale, The Bel-Aires, Chantays, Eddie and the Showmen, Ventures and many others. Their sound is true to form and pays tribute to these greats. In addition to instrumentals, Sound Waves has a large vocal repertoire from the era as well.

"The SoundWaves" pay tribute to the great instrumental surf bands of the 60's. The original SoundWaves' core members were all members of various surf bands in their high school days in the early to mid-sixties. 40 years later the surf music scene was still thriving in Southern California as well as the rest of the world and the SoundWaves formed originally to play at their high school class's 40th reunion. In March of 2005, the SoundWaves won the annual "Taste of the Bands" at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro placing first out of twelve bands competing and earning top spot at the Taste in San Pedro festival in August of that year. The members of Sound Waves have played professionally in one form or another since their high school days as well.

In addition to surf instrumentals, the SoundWaves offer a wide range of 50's 60's vocals to their extensive repertoire. They're favorite venues are surf related events, high school reunions and charity events.

In order to recreate the authentic sound of the era, Sound Waves uses mostly vintage Fender guitars and amplifiers from the 60's which are identical to the equipment originally used by musicians of the day.[endtext]